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SpectrumTech Technology Center

HAAPE is a non-profit organization. HAAPE tax id IS 81-1709197.

After graduation most young adults with Autism need considerable help in finding truly meaningful employment that takes advantage of their unique skills in an appropriate workplace environment. SpectrumTech is HAAPE’s pilot program to train and hire adults with autism to professionally perform software testing and quality assurance/data analysis at a competitive price point within the marketplace, while paying our employees a competitive wage. During its operations, SpectrumTech offers the following:

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  • Fully equipped classroom environment for training
  • Fully equipped computer workstations for performing software services
  • One-on-one life skills coaching for each employee
  • Job portal to build resumes and find job opportunities
  • Complete supervision in an autism-friendly environment
  • Social skills counseling
  • Complete plan for sustainability based on revenues, grants and donations


HAAPE is committed to meeting the current and future needs of young adults with autism and their families. SpectrumTech offers its pilot program to employ up to 10 software engineers before further expansion to 50-60 people takes place. This is a collaborative effort among HAAPE and two of its strategic partners whereby each is responsible for the various aspects of the business, based on their extensive experience and areas of expertise.

HAAPE is committed to ensure that after they complete their formal education, young adults with autism make meaningful progress. Through our work, we hope to inspire personal growth and development, offer a sense of mastery and accomplishment, and to allow them to reach greater levels of independence.